Ariel Gold’s work revolves around color and how we associate, interact and interpret it. Her art is about relationships between people and their environment, whether it is a physical place or a feeling created by an experience in that space. Color together with the movement and texture of brushstrokes creates a story or emotional response that is open to its own interpretation. It can trigger a strong personal connection to a sensation of a place, a mood or a memory. Ariel’s love of color theory pulsates in her work. Her maxim: live vibrantly!

Raised in the Metro Detroit area by an editorial cartoonist and a writer, Ariel Gold was exposed to many mediums and captivated by colors and textures from an early age. After attending Cranbrook Kingswood Schools she used college as an opportunity to explore the country and focus on her studies in psychology, interior design and fine art. In 2009 she moved to San Francisco to study at the Academy of Art University. She currently lives there with her husband and two daughters and is an Artist in Residence on Market Street through ArtSpan San Francisco.


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VIDA artist Ariel Gold, who shares her tips on how to build a successful career as an artist. VIDA is a fashion company that sources designs from female artists from around the world while providing math and literacy programs to its textile manufacturers.