Taffy Pull (Currently Showing)

Taffy Pull -16x12.jpg
Taffy Pull -16x12.jpg

Taffy Pull (Currently Showing)



Acrylic on Canvas



Currently showing at Art Attack SF

2358 Market Street, San Francisco

(415) 872-9285


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Brushstrokes: This body of work is created through a rigorous series of color studies in which the pigment is stretched and manipulated. The Brushstrokes series is made through layering paint then stretching it with the brush through a predetermined motion. Every pigment has a different viscosity and different reaction to the brushstroke and surrounding colors. Though simple in design it is a very physical and complicated process that has taken years to develop. The eclectic range of people whom I encounter in my daily life inspired the series. This minimalist work is intended to highlight the gestures and fashion of these individuals or emotions they elicit.